red quail eggs for easterred quail eggs for easter

One regular chicken egg is equal to five little quail eggs ! This year for Orthodox Easter, I wanted to dye eggs red again, but not just any eggs but little speckled quail eggs. Why ? Two reasons ! To use them as garnish on my mini-tsoureki breads and second reason, to eat less eggs than I usually do around this time of year. The envelope of red dye (available at greek grocery shops and caterers) is enough for 24 chicken eggs or 120 quail eggs ! Try them both this year… :)

red quail eggs for easter


as much as you want


  • 1/2 envelope red egg dye
  • 12 chicken eggs or 60 quail eggs
  • 2 tbsp vinegar
  • warm-hot water


  • boil your eggs (chicken eggs for 5 minutes / quail eggs for 1 minute)
  • let cool
  • in a large bowl, add hot water, vinegar and dye and stir
  • place eggs inside and let sit for 5 minutes
  • remove eggs, let dry 15 minutes
  • rub eggs with some oil and a paper towel