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flaked sea salt & cracked black pepper rolled grissini breadstickstriple-layered «croque monsieur & madame» quadruple club-sandwich cake (with a mushroom & bacon & arugula heart)«ravani» lime & geranium & mastic syrup-soaked semolina cake3-meat & spicy «pastisio» greek pasta bake (with cinnamon, allspice, clove & nutmeg)little savory cakes (with leftover sourdough-starter batter)1-2-3 sourdough bread (foolproof & demystified)14-day wholewheat & rye & buckwheat sourdough-starter (longer but foolproof)chocolate & caramel & popcorn & pretzel tartletsall white & green «from winter to spring» minestrone soup with walnut & parsley pestothe “beefiest & bluest & beautifullest” all-beef & blue cheese burger