chocolate & coffee & wafers ice cream (easy & no-churn & with kit kat)chocolate & coffee & wafers ice cream (easy & no-churn & with kit kat)chocolate & coffee & wafers ice cream (easy & no-churn & with kit kat)chocolate & coffee & wafers ice cream (easy & no-churn & with kit kat)chocolate & coffee & wafers ice cream (easy & no-churn & with kit kat)chocolate & coffee & wafers ice cream (easy & no-churn & with kit kat)chocolate & coffee & wafers ice cream (easy & no-churn & with kit kat)

The days are longer (especially for those furthest away from that imaginary and yet ever so present dividing line called the «equator») and even though cocktails may begin earlier than usual and suppers and dinners inevitably end later than usual too, you probably won’t be having that ESPRESSO at the end of your summer meal . . . unless it’s in the form of ICE CREAM and not too heavily caffeinated because you still need a good night’s rest to pursue your summer festivities, customs and rituals again tomorrow and after tomorrow and so on ! 

And what about that hot coffee ? Okay, iced coffee may be better in this weather (here’s my cold-brew coffee recipe) and can be prepared in advance, so that’s convenient enough, but this NO-CHURN ice cream version is a nice & easy compromise, even though I do have an ice cream churner but I may just not feel like taking up so much space in the freezer and letting it freeze for 48 hours and then pursue with the rest of the preparations because in the end, who knows if I’ll change my mind later ?

It’s a COFFEE & DESSERT all in one. It’s no-churn, it doesn’t require a custard made with egg yolks, it’s creamy, it’s got coffee, it’s got chocolate, it’s got some crispy wafers, it takes only 15-20 minutes to make and then about 6 hours to freeze up correctly to become that icy & creamy perfection which, by the way, is also the way my sister makes her ice cream.

I used finely chopped KIT KATs, (but COFFEE CRISPs, if you happen to have them around, are even better for their extra coffee flavor and super crumbliness) but even so, you could just crush up some crispy vanilla wafers, chop up some milk chocolate and just use or add more strong espresso powder or coffee syrup for an almost similar result !

Another presentation option is using a few little mini chocolate shells or cups, filling them up with a small part of the mixture, sticking a wooden stick in them and giving them to the kids or child-like adults in the vicinity.

Anyways, it’s good in all shapes & sizes and it takes care of (or pleasantly replaces) that caffeine urge (to avoid that headache from the withdrawal if you go without your coffee fix) right after that late dinner in a cool & sweet &  refreshing way. 

Need I say more ?! (and no, this post was not sponsored) . . . OH YEAH, HAPPY BASTILLE DAY friends (it's France's national holiday) ! . . . :)

chocolate & coffee & wafers ice cream (easy & no-churn & with kit kat)


1,5 liters


  • 600 ml (2 ½ cups) cold heavy cream (30%-35% fat content)
  • 397 grams (1 ½  cups or 1 can) sweetened condensed milk
  • 10 grams (2 tbsp) instant espresso/coffee powder (or use ½ tbsp coffee extract)
  • 7,5 ml (½ tbsp) vanilla extract
  • 5 grams (1 tbsp) cocoa powder
  • 1 gram (¼ tsp) salt
  • 200 grams (2 cups) finely chopped chocolate, coffee & wafer candy bars (like KIT KAT or COFFEE CRISP)
  • optional : 10 grams (2 tbsp) coarsely crushed roasted coffee beans
  • optional : 5 ml (1 tsp) coffee liqueur


  • optional presentation for part of the mixture : 125 grams or 12 dark chocolate shells/cups of 10 grams each (total weight when filled with ice cream is 25 grams each so you’ll only need about 180 grams of the mixture)


  • chill some of the ingredients before beginning (heavy cream in the refrigerator and chocolate candy bars in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before chopping)
  • whip the heavy cream for several minutes until fluffy (be careful not to turn it into butter and whey)
  • combine together the sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, instant coffee (or extract), cocoa powder, salt and optional coffee liqueur and mix well with an electric mixer until smooth, then add to the whipped cream and mix again
  • add in the crushed coffee beans and finely chopped chocolate coffee wafer candy bars and stir well until evenly incorporated
  • transfer to an air-tight container and freeze for a minimum of 6 hours or preferably overnight
  • serve as is or with an additional stick of a chocolate candy bar, a chocolate and biscuit finger or a chocolat& cookie cigar
  • optional : if you have some store bought chocolate cups or shells, fill them with the ice cream mixture, add in a stick, sprinkle the exposed ice cream with crushed chocolate sprinkles and freeze for several hours.