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Why would you make iced coffee with hot coffee that has cooled down and isn’t very fresh or a cooled and watered down version using ice cubes ? I grew up with “frappé” iced coffee with was a simple easy thing to make with instant coffee, cold water, ice cubes and a shaker … and I loved it ! But let’s be honest, instant coffee is very practical for making “frappe” but isn’t the best coffee if served warm or hot, so why not adopt another way to make your coffee for an quality icy drink and prepare it ahead of time ? A little side note, because the ground coffee hasn’t been heated up, it will not become stale or bitter, and because you can prepare large or even larger quantities (I make double usually), you can refrigerate it in glass bottles and have one whenever you feel like it ! I always drink my hot coffee black but I admit that I prefer my iced coffee to be a bit of a dessert so I add some sweetened condensed milk and some light cream or milk, and of course, how could you make iced coffee without making coffee ice cubes too ? As they melt, they add flavour to the coffee instead of watering it down ! Before I forget, the proportions or ratios are quite simple : 1 cup of coffee for 4 cups of water or 10 times the weight in water to the weight of the ground coffee. One last thing, 12 hours should be enough for the cold-brew but I find that 18-24 hours is better, why ? Because if it’s too strong, you can simply add some cold water, but if it’s too weak, you have to start all over again ! Go on, give it a try... :)

cold-brewed iced coffee


1 litre of coffee liquid


  • 1,25 litres of water (approximately 5 cups)
  • 125 grams of ground coffee (filtered coffee grind, approximately 1 ¼ cups)

optional additions (when serving)

  • sweetened condensed milk, condensed milk, half & half or light cream or milk


  • in a large plastic container that has a secure lid, add the ground coffee and the water and shake well and leave on the counter for 12-24 hours and keep shaking every time you pass by or remember to mix well
  • 12-24 hours later, using a strainer and another large container, pour and strain your shaken coffee and water mix until you retrieve all the grinds and place the strained coffee grinds in a separate bowl
  • using a folded cheesecloth or muslin square with a strainer, pour the strained liquid through (and place the ground coffee residue in a bowl), until no more coffee grinds residue is left on the cheesecloth or muslin square (this will make it less cloudy if you like your coffee black)
  • retrieve the strained coffee grinds and place in a cheesecloth or muslin square and wrap up and squeeze tightly over your bowl until most of the liquid is squeezed out
  • refrigerate the coffee mix up to several days and use some of the mix to make coffee ice cubes too
  • serve cold with coffee ice cubes and/or regular ice cubes, either black or with some light cream or milk and some sweetened condensed milk