the icookstuff 2015 - end of the year contestthe icookstuff 2015 - end of the year contestthe icookstuff 2015 - end of the year contest

the icookstuff 2015 - end of the year contest


WELCOME to the 1st icookstuff CONTEST & PRIZE DRAW for the the end of the year 2015 ! Well my friends it's already been almost 9 months that icookstuff was launched, with over 100 recipes, so let's celebrate !

Some of you may remember when I made cones for ice cream last summer, using metal pastry cone-molds. I had also bought a few more sets that I found on sale at my outdoor market but I gave them all away to my friends and family … SHARING is CARING, or at least that’s what they say ! Luckily, I found and purchased 5 new sets of 6 pastry cone-molds each, so I could share them with you. These metal cones can be used for much more than just ice cream cones. You can fill them with cream and/or dried fruits and nuts, coat them in chocolate or other coatings and make all sorts of fancy desserts. Straight tubes also exist for making wonderful italian cannolis or other desserts. Anyways, this is a fun contest for icookstuff fans and their friends. The rules are quite simple …

* to participate on facebook :

LIKE the post, SHARE the post, LIKE the ICOOKSTUFF page & why not INVITE your friends to LIKE the page and SHARE the post too, so they can participate too !

** to partcipate through the icookstuff newsletter :

SUBSCRIBE to the ICOOKSTUFF newsletter. Each ICOOKSTUFF newsletter subscriber automatically gets 1 entry for the contest-draw ! To register for the contest, please send me your full name and pseudo/nickname that you use to


There are a total of 5 sets of metal pastry-making cones to be won. Each set includes 6 metal pastry cone-molds. 5 Prizes for 5 winners around the world (1 set per winner).

Each SUBSCRIPTION to the newsletter (old & new) is 1 automatic entry and each SHARE on facebook is an additional entry and the more you SHARE any ICOOKSTUFF posts (old & new) from December 1-31, 2015, the more you increase your chances to win !

The 5 lucky WINNERS will be announced on January 3, 2016  (when we’re all just taking it easy and relaxing at home after the New Year’s Eve celebrations) …

The names of the 5 winners will be posted in the ICOOKSTUFF newsletter and on facebook too. I will send the winners an email (and/or facebook message) too and later to receive your prize, send me your address and I will send it to you by mail.

To be honest, I think I’ll be the luckiest of winners here because of all you wonderful fans and followers and your support and encouragement ! Good Luck to ALL … :)


*note : This contest is not sponsored by facebook or any other company. The prizes were paid for and purchased directly by myself, as well as the shipping costs. Thank-you, G-TSAK.






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