salty potato ballssalty potato balls

These salty potato balls are more a method or just a fancy trick so stop giggling ! Anyways, these potato balls are round, salty, airy, crispy, resembling a small hummingbird's nest or a miniature ball of string. Everyone has a tea strainer (or two) lying around so here's a new way to use it. I used regular potatoes, you can perhaps try it with other vegetables, zucchini, carrot sweet potato, parsnip, I'll give it a try too, it's cute-ish… right ?!

salty potato balls


6 salty potato balls (15 grams each)


  • 3 small potatoes (60 grams each)
  • 2 tbsp coarse salt
  • ice-cold water
  • sea salt and ground pepper and a pinch of paprika (to taste)
  • oil for frying


  • peel your potatoes, slice very thinly into julienne strips or matchsticks (I use the julienne slicer-peeler in the photo)
  • soak in ice-cold salted water for 15 minutes
  • remove from water and strain and pat-dry between paper towels
  • add salt and pepper (and paprika)
  • heat oil in a small casserole until very hot
  • fill a tea strainer (like in the photo, I have several so it's faster) with the potato strips to create a ball (not too loosely-packed so it can hold the shape but not too tightly-packed either so it can cook all the way through in a short time)
  • when the oil is hot enough, dip the tea strainer(s) with potato strips inside and fry each for 1 1/2 - 3 minutes maximum (this depends on how many you're frying at the same time, verify as you fry), keep moving them around as they're frying
  • when golden, shake off excess oil and let cool 1 minutes before removing by gently opening the tea strainer and carefully removing the potato nest ball, set aside
  • repeat until you have the desired number of potato nest balls per person
  • serve at room temperature like chips, (or reheated in a very hot oven for 2-3 minutes for an even crispier crunch)