spring onion & feta-yogurt cream pizzaspring onion & feta-yogurt cream pizzaspring onion & feta-yogurt cream pizzaspring onion & feta-yogurt cream pizzaspring onion & feta-yogurt cream pizzaspring onion & feta-yogurt cream pizzaspring onion & feta-yogurt cream pizzaspring onion & feta-yogurt cream pizzaspring onion & feta-yogurt cream pizzaspring onion & feta-yogurt cream pizzaspring onion & feta-yogurt cream pizza

“THE FRESHNESS OF SPRING” . . . announced with a vegetarian pizza that incorporates this same attitude. Instead of the usual spicier, heavier, fattier pizzas that we all love and adore, why not make a pizza that is actually FRESHER-LIGHTER-BRIGHTER-ZESTIER-ZINGIER ? Is it a “SALAD-PIZZA” ? Not really, but the effect is similar. It’s as if a “tzatziki” dip got tired of being such a “dip” and decided to change its ways to become “something else” ! A new life with changes.

Before getting to the flavors, one of the problems with homemade pizzas is the sogginess of the crust. One way to avoid this is using room temperature ingredients before assembling so it will cook quicker and also by removing excess moisture from all the ingredients. Everything used here is strained and or patted dry which helps a lot. Using the oven floor (bottom surface of the oven) is another trick, almost imitating a restaurant pizza oven.

. . . let’s get back to the flavor and texture combinations :

The pizza dough can be regular or with added whey or buttermilk (to replace some of the water) which will give it a slightly tangier taste. The creamy feta-yogurt sauce is well strained and should resemble the smooth consistency of a pizza tomato sauce but pale green this time. The spring onions could be used as is but soaking them in pickling juice removes their bite and adds fresher more acidic tones (with dill & pickle undertones) … and then of course, there’s the cheese topping which was a last-minute addition but balances out and binds the other flavors nicely.

SPRING is here (sort of & on and off actually because it was 30°C last week and now only 15°C). This pizza is great for hotter weather. Be patient, soon you’ll be complaining that it’s too warm outside (let’s hope) . . . :)

spring onion & feta-yogurt cream pizza




thin-crust pizza dough (for more detailed instructions, click here) :

  • 360 grams (almost 3 cups) all-purpose flour (or 90 grams whole wheat + 270 grams all-purpose flour)
  • 10 grams (2 tsp) fine sea salt
  • 235 grams water (or combine 210 ml water with 25 ml remaining whey liquid from strained yogurt or use 30 ml buttermilk diluted with 205 ml water)
  • 5 ml (1 tsp) olive oil
  • 2 grams (½ tsp) sugar
  • 4 grams (1 tsp) dried instant yeast

feta-yogurt cream sauce :

  • 100 grams (½ cup) greek yogurt (strained from initial 125-150 grams)
  • 100 grams (½ cup) feta cheese (drained if packed in liquid)
  • 15 ml (1 tbsp) olive oil
  • optional : 15-30 ml (1-2 tbsp) heavy cream or buttermilk (to add if mixture seems too thick)
  • 10 grams (¼ cup) fresh dill fronds
  • 10 grams (¼ cup) fresh flat-leaf parsley
  • 10 grams (¼ cup) fresh mint leaves
  • 10 grams (1 tbsp or 2 cloves) crushed garlic
  • 5 grams (1 tsp) fine sea salt
  • 1 gram (¼ tsp) ground mixed peppercorns

vegetables :

  • 400-450 grams (4 cups) thinly sliced green onions (scallions or spring onions)
  • 240 ml-360 ml  (1 cup – 1 ½ cups) pickling juice (to marinate)
  • 15 grams (6 tbsp) fresh whole herbs (dill, mint, flat-leaf parsley)
  • 1 gram (½ tsp) lemon zest (from half a lemon)

cheese topping :

  • 250 grams (2 cups) grated halloumi or shredded mozzarella cheese 


pizza dough (for more precise & detailed information on pizza doughs, click here) :

  • begin 12-24 hours before by making the dough : combine the dry dough ingredients together (flours, salt) and set aside and combine the liquid ingredients together (water, sugar, olive oil, whey or buttermilk and dried instant yeast) and stir well, then combine both liquid and dry ingredients together and stir until shaggy, then knead with your hands for 3 minutes, place back inside the bowl, cover, let rest for 15 minutes, then knead again for 3 minutes until smoother and elastic, sprinkle a flat bottomed container with flour and the ball of dough too, cover and let rise until at least doubled in size (18 hours in the refrigerator and 6 hours at room temperature or 9 hours in the refrigerator and 3 hours at room temperature) 

feta-yogurt cream sauce :

  • strain the greek yogurt with a cheesecloth in a strainer over a bowl until it loses 20%-25% of its weight in whey water (initial weight 125-150 grams, final weight 100-110 grams) for 6 hours (if you strain the yogurt before making the dough, you can use all the whey water in the dough)
  • place the strained yogurt and the rest of the ingredients of the feta-yogurt cream sauce in a food processor and blend until smooth, reserve in the refrigerator (it will become greener in color and saltier but it will be balanced out by the other toppings)

vegetables :

  • slice the spring onions (green onions or scallions) and transfer to a bowl or jar and soak in pickling juice at room temperature for 6 hours (if you don’t have pickling juice, combine white wine vinegar or distilled vinegar with 2 tbsp salt and 1 tbsp sugar and some peppercorns, heat up then let cool before using and soaking the spring onions)
  • strain the sliced onions very well and pat dry to remove all excess moisture and toss with the fresh whole herbs and lemon zest and set aside

assembly :

  • all ingredients should be at room temperature for at least 2 hours before assembling (so remove everything from the refrigerator earlier)
  • preheat the oven to 230°C, remove the rack because the pizza will be baked directly on the oven floor
  • use a very large pizza dish (40 cm) and sprinkle with flour (regular and toasted flour) and cornmeal, transfer the dough to the pizza dish and open up and stretch out until larger than the dish and create a 2-3 cm edge, then re-shape to the size of the dish, right up to the edge
  • spread the feta-yogurt sauce on top, then add the tossed spring onions and fresh herbs and cover with the shredded or grated cheese (feel free to drizzle 1 tbsp olive oil on top)
  • bake directly on the bottom or floor of the oven for 17-18 minutes until the dough is crispy and the cheeses are bubbling (if your oven can be set to 250°C for quicker & hotter baking, then bake for only 12-13 minutes).
  • remove from the oven, let cool slightly (it’s great cold too), slice and serve.