lemon-lime & geranium sorbetlemon-lime & geranium sorbetlemon-lime & geranium sorbetlemon-lime & geranium sorbetlemon-lime & geranium sorbetlemon-lime & geranium sorbet

A sorbet is always a nice way to end a heavy meal or even as a refreshing pause before a main dessert (if you'll be having that too). It is quite easy, especially if you have an ice cream maker to churn and aerate the mixture, instead of doing it by hand, but either way is fine and will give good results. The difficult yet beautiful way of presenting it is to actually carefully and painstakingly clean out the lemons and limes to use as the presentation cups for the sorbet. This is what takes time, it took me 30 minutes to carefully remove the pulp and inner membranes from around 12 small lemons and limes, without damaging the skins, anyways this is up to you. The recipe makes 5 times more sorbet than what can be served inside the lemons and limes so you'll have much left over for another time… :)

lemon-lime & geranium sorbet


1 litre


  • 12 lemons and limes (you will need 225 grams of juice and some zest)
  • 450 grams water
  • 225 grams white sugar
  • 3 egg whites
  • optional : 3 tbsp geranium water or 1/4 cup chopped fresh lemon geranium leaves


  • slice the top quarter off each lemon and lime (keep the tops) and squeeze some of the juice in a bowl
  • with a small spoon, carefully remove the pulp and inner skin and membranes and set aside to squeeze out the rest of the juice later
  • cut just a little off the bottom of the base of the lemons and limes so they can stand upright and place in a container and inside freezer
  • press the pulp to retrieve the remaining juice and strain and set juice aside
  • in a small casserole, add the water and the sugar and heat until sugar dissolves
  • once the sugar has dissolved in the water, add the lemon-lime juice and the zest of lemons and/or limes (that you won't need for presentation) and add geranium water or fresh lemon geranium leaves and let cool
  • place in the refrigerator to chill for 5 hours or overnight
  • when the lemon-sugar syrup is ready and chilled, beat 3 egg whites until fluffy
  • if using an ice cream maker, pour the chilled syrup and churn for 2-3 minutes, then add the egg whites, extra zest and chopped fresh geranium leaves, mix everything gently with a spoon then churn for 30-45 minutes
  • if churning by hand, mix all ingredients together and place in freezer for 30 minutes, then remove, stir with a wooden spoon and place back in the freezer, repeat this 3-4 times, every 30 minutes
  • if you'll be using the lemons and limes for presentation, spoon the sorbet into each frozen lemon and lime and top with the caps and place back inside the freezer to rechill and reset (if using small bowels, then simply serve sorbet in bowels when needed)
  • optional : I used a few sugared fresh mint leaves and geranium leaves as garnish. To do this wash the leaves then pat dry, brush with some beaten egg white then coat with powdered sugar and let sit and dry for 24 hours