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I don’t pay enough attention to leeks, even though they always flavor most of my broths, my spanakopita spinach pie as well as additions in many soups and stews and chicken & fish dishes, but it’s never the STAR of the dish ? So here’s a quiche with extra leek flavor because when I say LEEKS, I mean that 50% of the quiche filling is made up of partly-cooked leeks and the other 50% is the soft goat cheese, crème fraiche and eggs mixture.

Most quiches are only 25% vegetable filling but the proportion of the vegetables in this quiche filling is 50% leeks or 3 cups of the partially cooked and tenderized leeks (from an initial 6 cups of chopped fresh leeks) and 1 cup of the soft goat cheese, 1 cup of the crème fraîche (or sour cream or heavy cream) and 1 cup of the eggs.

The way I see it, if I’m going to eat more vegetables (even though I already eat a lot due to my Mediterranean diet) and if I’m going to make a vegetable quiche, I want the flavor of that vegetable or combined vegetables to shine through and not to be smothered in overly large quantities of dairy products and eggs. I often reduce the cheeses, cream and eggs in quiches by making a bechamel with the remaining vegetable cuttings but since I’m only using leeks here, I stayed simple and didn’t make a bechamel to lighten it up. And don’t forget to add many fresh herbs in the filling, such as more dill, chives and parsley too.

The crust is a wholewheat and olive oil crust that feels like a soft bread dough, is easy to spread out by hand (or roll out if you prefer something neater) and requires no pre-baking before adding the filling. I also add some seeds and dried dill to flavor it.

The drier and stronger tasting goat cheese log is added as round slices only on the top as well as some decorative dill fronds. 

It’s an easy dish to assemble from start to finish, served with a green salad or even young peppery sprouts that I was lucky to be offered during a visit to a city urban farm, which is actually a parcel of land, like a park, surrounded by buildings, with several greenhouses and small plantations of small vegetables, salads and sprouts and fresh herbs.

Do you have any urban farms in your neighborhood ? … :)

leek & goat cheese quiche


4 servings x 400 grams each


olive oil & wholewheat quiche crust (500 grams) :

  • 132 grams (1 cup) white bread flour
  • 137 grams (1 cup) wholewheat bread flour (with or without seeds)
  • 114 grams (½ cup) olive oil, cold
  • 117 grams (¼ cup + 3 ½ tbsp) ice water
  • 5 ml (1 tsp) vinegar
  • 7,5 grams (1 ½ tsp) sea salt
  • 2 grams (1 tsp) dried dill 

quiche filling (1250 grams) :

  • 500 grams (6 cups) leeks, thin slices
  • 25 grams (2 tbsp) grams butter
  • 25 grams (2 tbsp) grams olive oil
  • 7,5 grams (1 ½ tsp) sea salt
  • 2 grams (½ tsp) ground pepper
  • 5 grams (2 tbsp) fresh dill
  • 5 grams (2 tbsp) fresh parsley
  • 5 grams (2 tbsp) fresh chives
  • 250 grams (4 extra large or 1 cup) eggs, beaten
  • 225 grams (1 cup) soft goat cheese (spreadable)
  • 225 grams (1 cup) crème fraiche (or heavy cream or sour cream)

decorative garnish :

  • 75 grams (8 slices) goat cheese log (from ½ log)
  • 2 gram (1 tbsp) dill fronds


  • prepare the dough mixture using chilled water (with ice cubes if possible) and chilled olive oil (placed in the freezer for 30 minutes before using) and whip them together with the salt and vinegar until they emulsify, then add the liquid mixture to the flours, salt and dried dill mixture and mix until uniform, then shape into a ball and chill in the refrigerator as you prepare the filling
  • slice the leeks thinly and cook in a deep pan with the olive oil and butter at med-high heat for 8-10 until more tender but not browned, add the salt and pepper and fresh herbs and cook for 1 more minute then remove from the heat and set aside until cooled
  • combine the soft goat cheese with the crème fraiche and mix until smooth then add the eggs and mix well and combine this mixture with the cooked leeks and set aside at room temperature
  • preheat the oven to 180°C
  • remove the soft ball of dough from the refrigerator, lay a sheet of baking paper on your work surface and sprinkle it with flour, then place the ball of dough on top, sprinkle it with flour and flatten it out a little, then place another sheet of baking paper on top and flatten it out with your hands or  a rolling pin until large enough for your quiche dish (I used a dish that measured 26 cm in diameter and 4 cm high and rolled it out to 35 cm in diameter), then place it inside the baking dish (there is no need to brush the dish with oil or to flour it or to use baking paper inside the dish) and shape it well until it reaches the top of the dish rim edge
  • pour the filling inside the pie shell, place the thin slices (about 1 cm thick) of goat cheese log and dill fronds on top and bake for 45-50 minutes at 180°C until golden and puffed
  • *note : the quiche can be prepared in advance (and is often tastier) and reheated the next day with a sheet of baking paper loosely layed on top to avoid excessive browning …
  • remove from the oven, let cool down 15 minutes, slice in 4 pieces and serve with a salad.